Psychiatrist, Medical Doctor License # 1931 (Commonwealth of Puerto Rico).


1950-1954 School of Medicine, University of Puerto Rico (Founding Class).
Degree obtained: M.D. (Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society)

1954-1955 Straight Medical Internship, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York City. Experience with the mental health problems of poor medical patients shaped decision to pursue Community Psychiatry as a specialty

1958-1961 Psychiatric Residency, Center for Training and Research, University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

1974-1976 Private training in the theory and practice of Jungian Analytical Psychology, including a two-year training analysis with Dr. Margit Von Leight-Frank, a disciple of Carl G. Jung.


1966-1967 Narcotics Coordinator, New York City.

1967-1968 Commissioner, Addiction Services Agency, Human Resources Administration, City of New York.

1968-1980 Private practice in General Psychiatry, New York City.

1981-Present Private practice of General Psychiatry for adolescents and adults in San Juan, groups with substance abuse problems and Lithium-Deficient Attention Deficit Spectrum Disorders.

Programs Founded / Developed

1961 Founder Centro de Investigaciones Sobre la Adicción, (Addiction Research Center), the first professionally supervised therapeutic community for addicts in the Western Hemisphere. The model included former addicts as members of the therapeutic team for the first time.

1967 Founder, Phoenix House Therapeutic Communities Program, a multiethnic adaptation of the therapeutic community model for urban drug addicts.

1967-1968 Founder and first Commissioner, Addiction Services Agency, City of New York –First city wide attempt to adapt the therapeutic community concept developed in the CISLA Project to New York City.

1968-2006 Founding Member and Psychiatric Consultant, Hogar CREA, Inc. The first private, not for profit, community based therapeutic community for addicts in Puerto Rico.

1976-1981 Program Developer and Coordinator of Hogar CREA in the Continental U.S.A. d trained the community steering committee in charge of the first bi-lingual residential program for addicts, in the continental U.S.A., Pennsylvania.

1999-2006 Director, Ambulatory Therapeutic Community of the Ocean Park and Founder Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder Foundation. (ADDAPR Foundation).

Consultant Services

1966 Trained and advised Dr. Judianne Densen Gerber in the development of Odyssey House, an adaptation of the CISLA project to New York City

1970-1979 Worked in program development and design, and training of therapeutic teams for several Metropolitan New York Agencies: New Block Communities Inc., East Harlem Tenants Council, Metropolitan Council, Exodus House and Daytop Village, Interfaith Hospital, New York, Training for Living Institute, New York, Archdioceses of Brooklyn, Suny College at Old Westbury, New York, P.R.O.M.E.S.A. ,South Bronx.

1976 Psychiatric Consultant to the Government of the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua for the development of Hogar CREA programs.

1978-1982 Training, Evaluation and Prevention Consultant, ASPIRA of America, Inc., Drug prevention and vocational orientation for Hispanic adolescent drop-outs in Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Puerto Rico.

1981-1983 Prevention Consultant, ASPIRA of Puerto Rico, Inc., RESCATE Project, Program succeeded in reintegrating 90% of young drop-outs to study or work tracks.

1981-1985 Consultant, Hogar CREA International Inc., providing technical assistance for the CREA TC model in the Dominican Republic, United States, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, and Spain.

1984 Consultant, Pontifical Council of the Family, Vatican City State, in the application of the TC model to drug and criminality prevention at the parish level.

1985 Coordinated government project to convert a 20-acre model prison facility in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico in to a multiple service Psychiatric Rehabilitation Therapeutic Community.

1986-1990 Assistant, Secretary of Health for Mental Health of Puerto Rico.

1989 Completed and filed the Comprehensive State Mental Health Plan (pursuant to Public Law 99-660 of 1986). Plan was to be considered by the Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico.

1990 Participated with 18 other world-wide specialists on drug abuse in a summit conference convened by the Vatican City’s Pontifical Council of the Family.

1993-2006 Medical Director and Principal Investigator Ambulatory Therapeutic Community of Ocean Park.


1978-1986 Professor, Institute for Holistic Human Development, Puerto Rico. Conducted courses for lay adults and professionals on:
• The Psychology of Carl G. Jung
• The Origin and History of Consciousness
• Myths in Modern Psychiatry
• The Modern Applications of the I Ching
• Introduction to Dream Interpretation (lectures and workshops repeated annually)
• The Normal Development of the Personality

1980-1986 Professor, Training Department, Hogar CREA International, Inc. Trained the covering the areas of:
• Scientific Principles of the Therapeutic Community Model
• The Treatment of Ego-syntonic Personality Disorders
• Personality Diagnosis through Observable Behavior
• Evaluation of Personality Change in Treatment
• Therapeutic Techniques in the Re-education of Character
• Design and Maintenance of Therapeutic Environments
• The Training of Families and Neighbors in the Management of Difficult Behavior


1962 Designer of the first Professionally Supervised Therapeutic community model for Heroin addicts at the State Psychiatric Hospital, Río Piedras, P.R.

1968 Designer of the Attitudinal Skills training System, a training methodology for social prevention based on the theory of personality and treatment techniques developed in the therapeutic community model.

1973 Original research work in the area of dream theory, dream interpretation, personality theory derived from dream work, and modality of analytic psychotherapy guided by dream material (oneirotherapy). Frequent lectures and workshops on the subject in the United States and Puerto Rico.

1993 Clinical Research on the viability of Ambulatory Rehabilitation of Addicted in clinical trials.


1968 Lecturer, New School of Social Research, New York, conducting two courses on the application of social psychiatry techniques and insights on endemic and epidemic behavior problems in urban areas (titled of the course: Character Disorders and the Addiction Services Agency, an Experiment in Peaceful Social revolution)

1990 Lecturer, Magisterial Conference in the Pontifical University of Salamanca, Spain on the Octagonal Evaluations as a fundamental instrument of diagnosis and planning in the establishment of a community-based mental health system.

1998 Conference and workshops on The Prevention of Drug Addiction, Hogar CREA,
Santo Domingo.

2000 August to November- Offered workshops on the use of alternative medicine in the
treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder. Centro de Sanación Integral and UNITY, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

April -Holistic Focus on Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity. Latin American Congress of ADD with Hyperactivity. Caribe Hilton Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

March –The Holistic Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder. Latin American Conference on Attention Deficit Disorder. Tropimar Convention Center, Carolina, Puerto Rico.

March –The Therapeutic Community of the XXIst. Century. Hogar CREA International Congress.

February –The Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder. Latin American Congress on Attention Deficit Disorder. Embassy Suites, Carolina, Puerto Rico.

2003 February- Lecturer, IV Latin-American Congress on Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ALDA). Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

2004 February- Lecturer, 5th Latin-American Congress on Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity. Puebla’s Convention Center. Puebla, México.

2007 April- The Treatment of Lithium-Deficient Attention Deficit Spectrum Disorders in an Ambulatory Therapeutic Community. XIth Latin-American Conference of Therapeutic Communities, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2008 The Attention Deficit Disorder Spectrum: Intermediate Orientation Manual, Published on -Association of Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders of Puerto Rico.

2008 Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorders in a Higher Education setting. Workshop at El Regreso Therapeutic Community, Brooklyn, New York.

2008 Participated as a member of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities in charge of the programmatic development for the Caribbean Basin, in the forum “Allende 2008”, sponsored by the Narcotics and Criminality Division of the United Nations, in Vienna, Austria. The Forum produced recommendations to the United Nations General Assembly for the realization of a global 10 year plan to reduced the demand for drugs by strengthening treatment and prevention programs and emphasizing for the first time the inclusion of alternative modalities.

2008 Towards Overcoming the Shadow - XXIV World Conference of Therapeutic Communities, Lima, Peru.

2009 Alternative Perspective on Alzheimer’s, Vida en la Tercera Edad Publication.

2009 Alternate Methods for the Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder, Orientation Workshop for Teachers, Administrators and interested parents, Centro Sor Isolina Ferré, Caimito, Puerto Rico.

2009 The Mandalic Visualization Method of Learning About a Unified Theory of Personality (Abstract), XVIII International Congress, Hypnosis and Neuroscience, Roma, Italia.

2009 Outlet for the Secrets of the Soul, Article published in El Nuevo Día, Newspaper inserted magazine titled “Unique Lives” by Aurora Rivera.

2010 A Treatment Unity Long Term Effects- Adults with ADD. Article published in El Nuevo Dia Newspaper- Por Dentro section, by Ileana Delgado Castro

2010 The Caribbean Concept of Therapeutic Communities from its beginnings in 1961 until today plus its projections for the future. WFTC Genoa Institute-The Future of TC in the Changing World-Genoa, Palazzo Ducale, October 14-18, 2010.

2011 The Octagonal Personality Assessment – Training Workshop for Social Workers of the National Association of Social Workers, PR Chapter, September 2, 2011, Interamerican University, San Juan, P.R.

How to Utilize the Octagonal Assessment of Personality. Workshop for Social Workers at the Department of the Family, October 28, 2011.

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The Attention Deficit Spectrum Disorders, Basic Orientation Manual Published on the website of the Foundation for Adults with Attention Disorders Puerto Rico (

2013 Articles published in the Newspaper of Caguas, Puerto Rico:

• Interest to Child Cases Senile Dementia. February 6, 2013.
• Identifying the Attention Deficit Disorder. March 8, 2013.
• Dream Analysis as a tool for personal development. April 10, 2013.
• Dream Analysis as a tool for personal development. Part II. April 17, 2013.

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